Companies are born, live and die just like human beings...

What makes life meaningful are the factors such as what is wanted to be done, what can be done, what is planned to be made and the decisions that are late to be made within this cycle.

Our destiny is determined by our monitoring and scheduling of this cycle with rational methods.

In fact, the goal is the same for everyone and for every line of business.

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News From Our Group

Our companies, which operate in many fields such as Telecommunication, Information, Finance and Dairy technologies, continue to work in line with the principle of providing the best service with the best systems.

Our school was officially opened.

The official opening of "Teacher Necmi Karataş Special Education Application Center and Business Application Center School" was held with the participation of

Education and Training Started in Our School ...

Education started at the "Teacher Necmi Karataş Special Education Application Center and Business Application Center School" built on behalf of the retired teacher Necmi Karataş, the father of Merit Group Chairman of the Board of Directors M. Zafer Karataş.

Thanks from the Governorship of Mardin.

Retired teacher Necmi Karataş from Samsun, who worked as a teacher and administrator for 26 years in the center of Mardin, Midyat and Ömerli districts, came to Mardin again as an education soldier years later. Retired teacher Necmi Karataş, father of the charitable

Toruntepe Primary School Kindergarten Has Been Prepared For Our Children.

Mardin Artuklu Toruntepe Primary School kindergarten was prepared for our children and helped them make a good start to their educational journey.

ÇYDD (Association for Supporting Contemporary Life) Scholarship Program

Merit Group contributes to their education by providing scholarships to 25 female students per year within the scope of "Hayriye Karataş Girls from Mardin Project" with the Association for Supporting Contemporary Life.

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