Merit Group in Real Mardin Super League!

Real Mardin women's table tennis team, of which Merit Group is the name sponsor, will

compete in the Turkish Table Tennis Super League in 2020-2021. We wish our team success in

the Super League.

'Merit Group Real Mardin Table Tennis Club', operating in the field of Table Tennis in Mardin,

achieved a great success and promoted to the 'Table Tennis Super League'. Merit Grup Real

Mardin Table Tennis Club, which was promoted to the first league in the 2019-2020 season,

crowned its success and succeeded in completing the league in the top three and qualified to

compete in the super league.

The club, which is the source of pride of Mardin in the field of Table Tennis, has a Men's Team

that competes in the 2nd League, as well as the Women's Team that entered the Super League.

Selim Öncü, Chairman of the Board of Merit Group Real Mardin Table Tennis Club, evaluated

this success of the team and said; “Our club has made a breakthrough in the name of Mardin in

Table Tennis by achieving this extraordinary success with limited resources. It is admirable to

achieve this success in financial difficulties. I would like to congratulate all the athletes,

especially Simge İnal, and Coach Izzettin Atasever. The club survives largely with the financial

and moral support of Gönültaş. In addition, the sponsorship agreement signed with Merit

Group, the company of sports lover businessman Zafer Karataş at the beginning of the season,

played an important role in this success. On this occasion, I would like to thank the Board of

Directors of Merit Grup A.Ş. again and again. " said.


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